We're primarily targeting the UK and English-speaking audiences, so our <html> tag is coded with a British-English language declaration (lang="en-GB").

“We do, absolutely, try to return the most relevant results to each user in each country, and server location (in terms of IP address) is a factor in that.” — Matt Cutts, Head of Webspam @ Google


Beyond the declaration of relevant language (and corresponding territory); geographical (territorial) relevance can be implied by various means (as follows), including (most importantly) the use of an appropriate domain name extention.

  • See also, some examples of domain name extention relevance for SEO.

    We have a UK domain name extention (.co.uk), because we're most interested in optimising to attract UK-based visitors.

  • As a weak compromise (or addition), we could host our site on a UK-based web server. But to cut costs, we're hosted in the USA (check our Server Stats with DomainTools).

  • Furthermore, we could encourage UK-related inlinks (check inlinks via Yahoo Site Explorer); to emphasise our relevance to the UK, and also boost our general rankings (see Google explaining the value of inward-bound links).

  • Or we could link out to UK-related websites; which generally doesn't help our rankings, but still emphasises our UK relevance.